Standard Finishes

Standard Handle

Reims Bedroom

The Reims Bedroom collection is comprehensive and designed to suit every size of bedroom. All beds come in the complement of sizes: single, double and king size. Both slat and panel beds are available with either high or low foot end options. Reims wardrobes are designed to bring excellent storage options to your bedroom. Two styles of wardrobes are available: All hanging version or with drawers. This collection features a Gentlemen's chest a clever combination of hanging space and drawers designed to accommodate suits, trousers, shirts and jackets.

All hanging wardrobe

H198xW96xD59 cm

Code: REM815

All hanging wardrobe

H198xW126xD59 cm

Code: REM816

All hanging wardrobe triple

H198xW186xD59 cm

Code: REM847

Bedroom stool

H48xW37xD37 cm

Code: REM821

Bedroom stool

H48xW37xD37 cm

Code: REM821S

Bedside chest 1 drawer/1door L/H

H64xW51xD35 cm

Code: REM827L

Bedside chest 1 drawer/1door R/H

H64xW51xD35 cm

Code: REM827R

Bedside chest 2 drawers

H64xW51xD35 cm

Code: REM801

Bedside chest 2 drawers

H64xW61xD45 cm

Code: REM803

Bedside chest 3 drawers

H87xW51xD35 cm

Code: REM802

Blanket chest

H46xW96xD45 cm

Code: REM828

Blanket chest

H46xW126xD45 cm

Code: REM819

Chest of 4 drawers (2+2)

H96xW104xD45 cm

Code: REM805

Chest of 5 drawers

H132xW51xD35 cm

Code: REM804

Chest of 5 drawers (3+2)

H124xW104xD45 cm

Code: REM806

Chest of 7 drawers (4+3)

H96xW147xD45 cm

Code: REM807

Dresing Table mirror

H45xW40xD20 cm

Code: REM825

Dresing Table mirror

H45xW70xD20 cm

Code: REM826

Dressing Table - double

H81xW155xD45 cm

Code: REM850

Dressing Table - single

H81xW102xD45 cm

Code: REM820

Gentelmen's chest

H132xW106xD45 cm

Code: REM808

Panel bed HF - Double size

H119xW150xD214 cm

Code: REM813

Panel bed HF - King size

H119xW165xD221 cm

Code: REM814

Panel bed HF - Single size

H119xW104xD214 cm

Code: REM812

Panel bed LF - Double size

H119xW150xD210 cm

Code: REM810

Panel bed LF - King size

H119xW165xD218 cm

Code: REM811

Panel bed LF - Single size

H119xW104xD210 cm

Code: REM809

Panel headboard - Double size

H58xW141xD13 cm

Code: REM839

Panel headboard - King size

H58xW156xD13 cm

Code: REM840

Panel headboard - Single size

H58xW90xD13 cm

Code: REM838

Slat bed HF - Double size

H119xW150xD214 cm

Code: REM845

Slat bed HF - King size

H119xW165xD221 cm

Code: REM846

Slat bed HF - Single size


Code: REM844

Slat bed LF - Double size

H119xW151xD212 cm

Code: REM842

Slat bed LF - Single size

119x104x210 cm

Code: REM841

Slat headboard - Double size

H58xW141xD13 cm

Code: REM836

Slat headboard - King size

H58xW156xD13 cm

Code: REM837

Slat headboard - Single size

H58xW96xD13 cm

Code: REM835

Wall mirror

H60xW90xD2 cm

Code: REM822

Wall mirror

H60xW120xD2 cm

Code: REM823

Wall mirror

H60xW190xD2 cm

Code: REM824

Wardrobe 1 drawer

H198xW96xD59 cm

Code: REM817

Wardrobe 2 drawers

H198xW126xD59 cm

Code: REM818

Wardrobe 2 drawers triple

H198xW186xD59 cm

Code: REM848